Thomas tvivlaren

» 2:a sönd. efter påsk/Low Sunday

Predikan av/Homily by Dom Benedict Hardy OSB
At the end of the Prologue to his Gospel, St. John tells us: ”No one has ever seen God. But the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known” (1:18). We are rightly used to thinking of St. Thomas as the one who saw and believed. But when in that upper room, eight days after Easter, he cried out: ”My Lord and my God!” he did not see God the Father standing before him. What he saw was the man Jesus. Now in today’s Gospel, on the eighth day after Easter, we hear Jesus invite Thomas to make an act of Faith; to go beyond what he can see to the divine reality it both manifests and conceals. Of course it was impossible for Thomas any longer to doubt that Jesus, his beloved Master, who had been crucified and buried, was now alive…

» Uppståndelsen – Anastasis

En ikonmeditation av en karmelitnunna
Uppståndelse-ikonen liknar ikonen som visar Jesu dop i Jordan. Det är samma berg som klyvs itu. Det är samma djup Jesus stiger ner i. I Jordan stiger han ner i det vatten där folket har befriats från sina synder, där de blivit rentvagna från all synd för att uppstå till ett nytt liv. I Uppståndelsen stiger Jesus ner ännu djupare. Ända tills den avgrund där synden båda har sin boning och sitt ursprung. Ända ner till djävulens domän. För att där befria människan ur djävulens käftar. Berget, själva skapelsen, sprängs isär när Gud stiger ner till dess innersta djup. Han trampar dödsrikets portar under sina fötter. De ligger där i korsform för att tydliggöra att det är genom korset Jesus har besegrat djävulen och nu kan inta hans rike…

» Påskvakan

Predikan av/Homily by
This night, the Church exults not only in the victory of Christ. It shows us how his victory crowns a long process of development. The rising of Jesus is an astonishing event, of course, but no surprise. The Lord has carefully prepared it. If our eyes see, our ears hear, we find it foretold ‘in Moses and the Prophets’. When Cleopas and his friend, dragging their feet towards Emmaus, met the Lord on Easter Day, what did Christ do? He told them ‘the things in all the scriptures concerning himself’. In this Vigil, he does the same for us. The readings we have heard show the Lord to have been constantly at work among his people. He follows them always, a cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night, even when he goes unnoticed…