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Söndag 24 januari 2015 – 3:e söndagen u.å.

Predikan av/Homily by Dom Benedict Hardy OSB
We begin today our year’s cycle of Sunday readings based on the Gospel of Luke. Alone of the Gospel writers, St. Luke was not a Jew, and not an eyewitness of the events he records. He is identified as the author also of the Acts of the Apostles, and the physician who was St. Paul’s faithful companion. His Gospel is obviously related to the Gospels of Matthew and Mark in various ways, but as he makes clear in his little preface, it is also very much his own work, and marked by his own style and interests.
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Epifania – Herrens uppenbarelse/Epiphania

Predikan 2016 av/Homily 2016 by Dom Benedict Hardy OSB
The Greek word “Epiphany” means manifestation, shining out. So today we celebrate the manifestation of Christ, especially to the Gentiles. Actually a 3-fold event is celebrated today: the coming of the Magi, the Baptism in the Jordan, and the Miracle of the water and wine at Cana in Galilee. But traditionally, and because of today’s Gospel, we inevitably think mainly of the Magi and their star. These mysterious men from the East represent the gentile and pagan world, the world far from Israel in either politics or religion; yet they come to Christ, and they worship him.
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Den heliga familjen/The fest of the Holy Family

Predikan av/Homily by Dom Benedict Hardy OSB
He then went down with them and came to Nazareth and lived under their authority (Lk 2:51). The life of Jesus with our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph at Nazareth is a mystery the Church wants us to ponder, enter into, learn from, wonder at. St. Luke draws a veil of silence over almost all the details of this life, but he and the other Evangelists actually tell us all we need to know about it. Once established in Nazareth, the life of this little family would have been apparently ordinary, commonplace, circumscribed; neither quite destitute, nor well off; not distinguished exteriorly from the life of more or less any other family of that time and place. Yet everything about this family was also utterly extraordinary.
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Vi behöver inga vingar för att fara och söka honom, vi behöver bara försätta oss i ensamhet och betrakta honom inom oss.
Teresa av Jesus (1515-1582)















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