5:e påsksönd./5th Sunday of Easter

’Paul and Barnabas put fresh heart into the disciples, encouraging them to persevere in the faith(Acts 14:22).’ What Saints Paul and Barnabas did in the early days of the Church continues on in our day. Each Sunday we come to Mass to have fresh heart put into us, and to receive encouragement to persevere in […]

5:e påsksönd./Easter 5

“I am the true vine”. Several times in the Old Testament the image of the vine is used of Israel, God’s own people, the people of the Covenant (cf. e.g. Is 5:1, 27:2-6; Jer 2:21, 11:4; Ezk 19:10-14; Ps 80:18-19.) And several times, too, the Prophets of the Old Testament denounce this vine that is […]